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  • Strong Religion and Mainstream Culture


    November 9-10 the  Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies and Humlab arranges an international conference on the theme of "Strong Religion and Mainstream Culture: Youth, Education and Technology". 

  • Educational development tools

    2017-10-08 umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml

    Merja Ellefson, Department of Culture and Media Studies, has been awarded SEK 150,000 for the Learning Outreach project: identifying propaganda, native advertising, astroturfing, spin and other forms of alternative facts.

    The development work will be carried out in collaboration with Humlab.

  • The Humlab blog


    Guest blogger: Sonia Nevin

    I'm here writing as a guest blogger - thanks for having me! Not so long ago I had the great pleasure of visiting the HumLab to give a presentation and see what people there are up to, so here I am to say a little about my visit.

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    What is Humlab?

    Humlab is a meeting place for humanities, culture and information technology at Umeå University. We devote ourselves to teaching, short courses, research and various types of development projects in both digital humanities and digital culture and innovation. We collaborate with students, teachers and researchers at the university, business, artists and many more.

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