Digital Research - 7.5hp

The course provides an introduction to digital research in the humanities and social sciences. The orientation is broad and covers, for example, digital research methods as tools and methods, society and culture in relation to digitalization. The course is given in collaboration with Digsum

The course consists of three parts:

1. A general introduction to the field, and how it emerged at the intersection of the Humanities and Social Sciences

2. Lectures, practical demonstrations and workshops on digital methods. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are covered, with a focus on the combination of methods.

3. Examples of specific and research-related applications of the tools and perspectives, connected to ongoing digital research in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Umea University.

The course covers, for example, ethical aspects, digital ethnography, text, and network analysis, gender and law. Part of the course can be adjusted according to individual needs and interests.

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Preliminary schedule

Kursen ge på engelska/ The language of instruction is English.


Part 1 Introduction


1. Digital Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Simon Lindgren & Stefan Gelfgren  
March, 24th. 10-12


Part 2 Methods and approaches


2. Network analysis and text mining
Simon Lindgren
March 29th. 10-15

3. Digital ethnography
Anna Johansson
April 5th. 13-16  

 4. Ethics
Invited speaker: Charles Ess
April 20th.  13-16


Part 3 Applications


5. Digital gender: from intersectionality to embodied visualization discourse
Anna Foka
April 27th, 10-12. 

6. Data Protection Law for Researchers.
Jan Leidö & Markus Naarttijärvi
May 2d, 10-12

7. How does the development and use of technology in society affect education?
Eva Mårell-Olsson
May 10th, 10-12

8. Individual learning and preparations
Week 21

9. Text analysis
Fredrik Norén och Roger Mähler
May  24th, 13-15 

10. Seminar: presentations and discussions
Coppélie Cocq & Samuel Merrill
May 31st



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