Cooperation: Kulturverket

Humlab has been working in partnership with Kulturverket in Umeå since 2007. Kulturverket is an organisation which takes the initiative for and runs art and culture projects with children and young people.

Humlab and Kulturverket have worked together on the projects "Reading and understanding" and "Search on the floor".

Reading and understanding

During 2014-2015, pupils from schools Lövånger and Röbäck came to Humlab-X and had workshops on reading and understanding. Together with the pupils, Humlab and Kulturverket will create a reading comprehension board game.

Search on the floor

The project is a collaboration between Humlab, Kulturverket, Lövånger school, Umeå University Library and Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University. The goal of the project is to find new ways to search and find books at the library, ways that do not necessarily requires writing. A pilot project has been carried out, and the main project, funded by the National Library of Sweden, will continue until 2016

Johan står på golvet

Fair City:

The Fair City project allowed children to use their creativity to create visions of an Umeå of the future. The project was presented at an exhibition in connection with the start of Umeå's year as Capital of Culture, 2014.

Children from different parts of Umeå are working on nine different project elements. Each element represents a district in Umeå and a theme, such as energy, water or travel. Humlab is involved in two of these themes: communication and water.

Fair City, Communication theme:

For this theme, which is also being sponsored by energy company Umeå Energi, staff at Kulturverket and Humlab have worked with students from Years 2, 6 and 9 from the districts of Röbäck and Teg in Umeå.

The Year 2 students were asked to imagine the animals of the future and how they would communicate. They had to describe the animals in words, draw what they would look like and then come to Humlab-X to make clay sculptures of them. At least one of the animals, the "Bonken", will be programmed by Humlab staff using 3D technology. The children have also been able to record their own nature videos, and with the help of technology they will be able to interact with the animals they invented in the final edits of their videos.

Year 9 students were asked to describe future subcultures and how people in these subcultures will communicate. They have used equipment at Humlab to write manifestos for the subcultures and create posters. They have also recorded documentaries describing the subcultures.

Fair City, Water theme:

For this theme, sponsored by Martinsons Trä, students will be able to visit Umeå's sewage treatment plant and see how water is treated. Then they will be asked to imagine Umeå as a sunken city in the future, and they will then work on the basis of their ideas and create a computer game with Humlab staff which depicts Umeå under water.

Fair City, Self-portrait:

"Self-portrait" is something which will permeate the entire Fair City project. Students will learn more about their senses and use these senses to help them draw self-portraits of the various districts. They will be using Humlab's technical infrastructure to capture sound and light from the districts, for example.

Healing Art:

Humlab is also involved in the Kulturverket project Healing Art (Läkekonst). The project is working with sick children who are taking part in play therapy at Norrland's University Hospital in Umeå. Humlab is developing for these children, but also for children who are too ill to take part in play therapy, a glove which plays music when the child moves his/her fingers. The aim of this glove is to create an opportunity for participation and creativity for even the very sickest children.

  • Bonken, an unpleasant chap


    One of the animals of the future which school Year 2 students came up with was the "Bonken". The Bonken is a grumpy chap who likes to eat children. Every winter, he tries to hibernate in a bargain bin in one of the big department stores in Umeå, but all the customers keep on disturbing him. So he takes revenge by going and stealing hats at night. He has poisonous thumbs, and in the summer he lives under Rådhustorget and sometimes sneaks out to catch a child or two…