Humlab-X is our newest lab (the premises were taken into use in 2012) and is located in a beautiful spot just next to the Umeälven river  on the Umeå University's Arts Campus, where Bildmuseet, the Umeå School of Architecture, the Institute of Design and the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts are also situated. Humlab-X is located at the heart of the campus and functions as a hub for the Arts Campus institutions, artists, companies, international visitors and a growing local community.  The connection the main campus institutions and the other Humlab is also vital.

If you have any questions regarding the facilities, please contact Karin Jangert:

dörrar hx

Humlab-X has work-stations with Mac computers and two drawing screens that can be borrowed. There are also places for meetings, studies and artistic expression.

triptyk och golv


Humlab-X also features a large interactive floor measuring just under 20 square metres. The floor screen is a high-resolution (4,800 x 3,840 pixels), multi-touch-enabled screen and is rear projected from 8 projectors on sheets of glass and has a bearing capacity of 7 tonnes.

Next to the screen there is a triptych screen, which is a triangular high-resolution screen made up of 88 touch-enabled micro-tile screens.

sittplatser i hx

The furniture at Humlab-X has been specially chosen to function both for meetings and for individual work and in addition to study places there are also armchairs, sofas and bean bags.

Skypemöte i slakteriet

The conference room at Humlab-X has a screen wall with 16 screens and four single screens. The premises are very suitable for Skype meetings and enacting complex materials. HX also has a simulation studio (with a pink designer lamp) where there is technology to support modelling and simulation of complex cultural and physical systems. For example, research focused on understanding the space and knowledge production with the support of sensor technology is situated here.

Lödmaskin, dator, förstoringsglas m.m

The "Wetlab"electronics lab is a fully equipped electronic workshop for experimental activities.

Fix med handsken

The Wetlab is often used for courses and workshops, most of them at beginners level. Courses on how to repair your old gaming devices are just one example of the courses offered. Contact Humlab staff if you have any questions on Wetlab!

The display studio (added in 2014/2015) is an innovative interaction space with sensor technology and two large, angled screens. Among other things, this studio is used for critiquing software and for enacting complex 3D models using stereo projection.