Humlab is located at the very center of Umeå University and has provided an intellectual and technical milieu for work in the humanities and information technology since 1999. The lab initially consisted of a large space that had formally been an exam hall and has since been extended with two adjacent facilities and a sound studio. The lab space contains unique infrastructure, including an eleven-screen landscape in space set up for research and performance in an open plan setup with many meeting places, homey corners, an aquarium and a plant wall. Users of HUMlab have round the-clock access. Humlab is often host to cutting-edge seminars and conferences on digital humanities, media theory and technology platforms.


Find out more about our at main campus venues:

The sound studio



H1 contains 15 powerful workstations with large screens, new versions of graphics and layout software such as Photoshop and Indesign, 3D programmes like Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max, game-making software, professional software for handling maps and geographical information systems, and advanced tools for handling qualitative research material.

Users can borrow other equipment such as webcams when needed for projects related in some way to Humlab. Workstations cannot be booked by individual users. The first come, first served principle is applied. If all of H1 is booked for lectures or other events, however, users participating in events are given priority if they need to use the workstations.

Calle ritar på skärmen

In H1 there are also some workstations with special equipment, for example two large drawing screens. There are four top-of-the-line Macintosh-based workstations for video editing, complex graphics and 3D rendering.

Scanner h1

The specialised workstation for image processing has a screen calibrated for working with photographs. It also has a flat-bed-scanner that accepts originals up to A3 size and a negative scanner that can handle both slides and negatives.

Presentation h1

The large display screen at H1 has an easy-to-use light, sound and picture control system.  A digital overhead projector which can show both documents and other items is also connected to the screen. H1 can be furnished to accommodate audiences of up to 100 people.

Soffhörnan h1

The Humlab staff can often be found on a coffee break in the sofa/aquarium corner at H1, especially on Thursday afternoons. If you see us, drop by and say hi! It is absolutely fine if you just want to turn up at Humlab for a coffee and a chat, to listen in on presentations or just work on your laptop.


H2 is located next to H1 and has five workstations that are used by researchers and Humlab staff. There is also a sofa and other comfortable seating, whiteboards, and places for meetings, group work and teaching.

konferens i h2

H2 has a screenscape consisting of 10 screens arranged in a circle (two 65" screens, one 70" touch screen and seven 52 " screens), which can be used for presentations, artistic expression and different kinds of scholarly exhibitions and installations. The screens can be used as one cohesive surface, thereby allowing material to be produced that can move dynamically between the screens. There is also audio and interaction technology systems associated with the screenscape.

presentationsplats h2

The biggest screen in H2 is the rear projection 4K screen (which is around 4000 pixels wide, this is why we call it the 4K). This is often used for seminars and lectures. It is connected to a powerful sound system and is handy for showing films, research materials or art.

Bord under lystak h2

H2 is often used for meetings or lectures, and has a light ceiling with eight pixels!


H3 is the newest part of the lab on the main campus. H3 is mainly used for international meetings and there are also workplaces for researchers and visitors. H3 also has a green couch, a large display wall connected to the Arts Campus, a staff room and a games corner.

folk i h3

Humlab has a large-format printer at H3. Please contact our staff if you need anything printed.


The Audio recording studio


The Audio recording studio is home to equipment for recording songs, music, different sounds, etc. The equipment available includes an electronic drumkit, a keyboard, an electric guitar and more. We use Logic Pro as our digital audio workstation. The Audio recording studio can only be used when booked in advance, and Humlab regularly arranges courses on music and audio production. Please contact Humlab staff if you need to use the studio.