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    Humlab Tech-Breakfast

    Datum: 2018-04-26
    Tid: 08.00 - 10.00
    Plats: Humlab – under Universitetsbiblioteket (UB)
    Evenemanget vänder sig till: studenter - anställda

    Welcome to Humlab’s Tech Breakfast on Thursday 26/4. This breakfast will partly be organized as a conversation about graphical visualization. Johan, Maria and I will present a couple of texts on different aspects regarding the use visualizations and what that practice does with our scholarly thinking and making. The text that will be discussed our found below. We hope that you will join us in the conversation! As usual, coffee and breakfast will be served from 08.00! Afterwards there will also be time to work individually or together, and discuss research ideas with staff from Humlab with expertise in digital methods.

    Digital research tends to generate a lot of visuals: Diagrams, maps, models, networks, timelines, trees, and so on. The patterns they show are often difficult to express in words, and their rhetorical power can be massive. Yet, the impression they make of delivering ‘objective’ results may be problematic. Many of us try to restrict our usage – at the same time we can’t do without them. How can we benefit from the visuals generated by digital tools without treating them as definitive evidence? Together, we will critically reflect on how we use computer-generated graphs in our research.

    Johanna Drucker – Humanities approaches to graphical display –

    Simon Lindgren – From objects to flow: network sensibility, symbolic interactionism, and social media (attached)

    Orit Halpern – Beautiful data: a history of vision and reason since 1945 (only the introduction)

    Arrangör: Humlab
    Kontaktperson: Maria Eriksson

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  • Vad är Humlab?

    Humlab är en mötesplats för humaniora, kultur och informationsteknologi vid Umeå universitet. Vi ägnar oss åt undervisning, forskning och olika typer av utvecklingsprojekt inom både digital humaniora och digital kultur och innovation. Vi samarbetar med studenter, lärare och forskare vid universitetet, näringslivet, konstnärer och många fler.

    Vi har ett uppdrag från Humanistisk fakultet att vara ett stöd för digitala lärandemiljöer på campus och nät.

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