Samo Grasic

Samo Profile

Computer Technician


Tel: 090-786-5673

Samo received his PhD from LuleƄ University of Technology, Department of Gender and Innovation, in 2014 where he focused on the development and deployment of the IT infrastructure Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) for sparsely populated remote Arctic regions. During his research, he worked with computer networks, energy harvesting, low power and software development as well as embedded systems. In addition, he focused on social aspects of IT deployments.

Samo spent more than five years on the field where the DTN system was deployed and tested. Throughout this time, and together with his collagues, he provided technical support to working on several smaller projects that involve the concept of Internet of Things.

Prior to his academic career, Samo worked for more than six years in the electronic industry where he was involved, both in hardware (designs of electronics, mechanical sensors for meteorology, mechanics, various radiological probes) and software developments (front-end and back-end of meteorological information systems based on implemented on Windows and Linux servers, Qt, C, C++, 8051, SQL, scripting). As these systems are typically built of components made of various vendors.

Samo has rich experiences of system integration of industrial and consumer oriented components.