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Strong Religion and Mainstream Culture

November 9-10 the  Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies and Humlab arranges an international conference on the theme of "Strong Religion and Mainstream Culture: Youth, Education and Technology". 


The conference wants to highlight the past and present encounters between strong religion and mainstream society in general, but preferably with respect to youth, education and technology. Special interest will be paid to young people and their ways of relating to both strong religion and the ideologies and attributes of modernity.

The conference begins with an open lecture by Professor Wolfram Weisse, who is a professor of religion at the University of Hamburg, Germany. The theme is Religious pluralization and secularisation: Opposites or two sides of the same coin? The lecture will take place on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 10.30-11.45 in Humlab-X on the artistic campus.